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Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Now we got problems.
 And I don’t think we can solve them.
 You made a really deep cut.
 And baby, now we got bad blood. -Swift Your best and worst comments of the week, about 1989 and other new music, are below. THIS WEEK’S 10 HIGHEST RATED COMMENTS #10 raptor jesus | Oct 20th Score:20 [...]

Clarens will release a new single “Pray”, on…

Clarens will release a new single “Pray”, on 11.24.14 via Yuksek’s label Partyfine. The track- also produced by Yuksek- is the follow-up to debut single “Trust”, released earlier this year via the label’s 1st anniversary compilation Partyfine Vol.1.

The guiding hand of Pierre-Alexandre Busson (better known as Yuksek) across “Pray” is particularly fitting, given that this new track was borne out of the particularly bewildering period 4 years previously, when a then 18 year old Ousseynou Cissé (Clarens) arrived alone in Rennes, North France, spurred two and a half thousand miles away from his birthplace in Dakar by the dogged determination to realize his musical ambitions at any cost. A burgeoning love for electronic music soon manifested itself in various remixes for local bands, eventually piquing the interest of Jean-Sylvain Le Gouic, producer & singer for whip-smart disco-pop purveyors Juveniles.

Le Gouic’s support was soon borne out in an extended stint for Cissé as the bassist in Juveniles’ touring line-up, where a shared bill alongside Yuksek brought Clarens to the attention of Busson. Impressed by what he heard of Cissé’s demos, Busson asked to produce Clarens’ debut material, thus sealing a light-speed assimilation into the Partyfine family. Speaking about the preceding period of uncertainty which had originally informed “Pray”, Cissé says:

“When I arrived in Rennes I was determined to become a musician by any means, not only because it is music that makes me feel alive, but also because music is the only thing I can do properly. I wrote this song as a prayer towards anyone who could help me become the person I am today- I didn’t know at the time that my wish would be fulfilled that fast.”