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LISTEN | Hollie April – ‘Together Alone’

Born and raised in Gibraltar, *Hollie April* is a twenty-two year-old British singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing music professionally from a very young age. During her years as an undergraduate at Leeds College of Music, she represented the conservatoire at showcases for…

LISTEN | Elstow – ‘Elderflower Bloom’

Borrowing the name of the Sydney apartment building they were living in, *Elstow* was born out of an appreciation for the melodic folk stylings of sixties heroes *Simon & Garfunkel* and *The Mamas & The Papas*. Initially a duo, *Jared Shaw* and *Chel Browne* spent 2012 recording lo-fi demos…

Ahead of its Sept 8th release on the band’s own label,…

Ahead of its Sept 8th release on the band’s own label, Nostromo Records, Brighton’s Esben & the Witch have unveiled the momentous centerpiece at the core of their 3rd full-length outing, A New Nature. It comes in the guise of “The Jungle”: an appropriately dense, 15-minute workout in captured & released tension.

Fittingly, it begins thinly adorned, as if you’re weaving your way through the thin shrubbery that outskirts the titular jungle: beneath Rachel Davies’ searching vocals, the sole driving force is a singular kick-drum pulse, acting as a steadying heartbeat as you brace yourself for what’s to come.

This reasonable calm is, expectedly, not to remain status quo. “The Jungle” builds to cathartic peaks of searing guitars + hypnotic breaks that toy with gut-wrenching distortion & lonely brass by turn. The result is a psychosis-inducing recreation of the fear & frustration of being lost in the track’s tropical namesake, calling to mind the sense of equatorial paranoia present in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness; meandering through thick & thin, through hope & loss until finally a resolve is met. You’ll have to listen carefully to find out what that is.