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Replacements Heading Home For First Headlining Show In 23 Years

I don’t know if you’ve ever talked to a middle-aged Midwestern indie rocker about the Replacements, but it’s like walking into a Pentecostal church and asking people there how they feel about Jesus. The Replacements — or two of them, anyway — reunited for last year’s Riot Fests, and they’ve played a handful of festivals [...]

Head Over Heels

Iggy Azalea “Work” Iggy Azalea is a good rapper, but I can’t listen to hear voice without feeling like I’m listening to someone do an impression of a badass female emcee. She always seems to be concentrating very hard on getting the affect just right, to the point that her performances feel more stiff than […]

Horse Thief – Fear In Bliss [album review]

Horse Thief are a 5-piece out of Oklahoma and I haven’t been able to stop listening to their latest, Fear In Bliss since I got it. Seeing their set at Central Presbyterian during SXSW only increased my infatuation. Horse Thief expertly delve into the psych-folk scene. You’ll hear hints of Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and [...]

Tinie Tempah Announces New Single ’5 Minutes’

Following his high-fiving BAFTA performance and recent UK Arena tour (which included a triumphant show at London’s O2), *Tinie Tempah* builds upon his star status with the release of the new single ‘*5 Minutes*’ on June 2nd on Parlophone.

Taken from his hit second album *Demonstration*, ‘*5…