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Trey Anastasio: Traveler (Review)

Anastasio’s first true solo studio effort since 2006 is one of his best. Traveler combines pop hooks, a horn section, and complex percussion into a concise, catchy package.

Chrome Canyon: Elemental Themes (Review)

Elemental Themes might be 2012′s ultimate critic-proof album, alongside Black Banana’s Rad Times Xpress IV. You’re either going to go along with this in a major way, or your response might be a bit (or a lot) more muted.

Propagandhi: Failed States (Review)

Propagandhi has undoubtedly matured, but the band’s outrage at corporate and governmental greed, society’s failings, and the dismissal of those left suffering on the fringes is still as heartfelt and articulate as it ever was.