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Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream

Ra Ra Riot are back with a new single “When I Dream” from their forthcoming album, Beta Love. The song’s a bit slower than their previous efforts, which could perhaps be attributed to the departure of cellist Alexandra Lawn, but the combination of smooth vocals, strings and subtle touches of synth keep the New York quartet’s [...]

Listen: Angel Haze Does Chief Keef’s "I Don’t Like"

Angel Haze: "Shit I Don't Like" on SoundCloud. It’s hard to come up with two more disparate rappers than Chief Keef and Angel Haze, but blanket distaste for pretty much everything is a universal language. Haze is the latest to add h…

Passion of the Weiss Best Of: Dam-Funk’s Soundcloud

Download: ZIP: P.O.W Best Of: Dam-Funk’s Soundcloud (Left Click) There isn’t a man on planet earth more deserving of the Funk Philanthropist of the Year award than Dam-Funk. That award, as I’m sure you know, doesn’t exist. But if said award did exist, Dam-Funk would’ve won for the last three or four years running, though… Continue reading »