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Here’s A Cello Remix Of The Antlers’ “No Windows”

As a thank you to fans, the Antlers just posted a pretty new version of Burst Apart‘s “No Windows” by Brent Arnold, a friend of theirs who took Peter Silberman’s vocal stems and set them to string arrangements he “recorded in a library in a castle in Burgundy.” For fans of classical arrangements, Peter Silberman’s [...]

Thurston Moore’s Guitar Stolen in Philadelphia

Tack another guitar onto the long list of Sonic Youth equipment stolen over the years. Thurston Moore writes on the Sonic Youth site that his beloved 1960 Fender Jazzmaster guitar was stolen from his hotel in Philadelphia last night. A police report…

MF Doom Albums From Worst To Best

Last year in the U.K., Carol Morley released Dreams Of A Life, a documentary about a woman who died in her North London apartment and was not found for three years. No one came looking. Police found her skeleton amongst Christmas presents yet to be wrapped. The film’s press materials and many of its critics [...]