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MP3: Tape Sounds – “Cosmosis”

The spaced-out work of Tape Sounds, AKA Massachusetts-based Nate Kellogg, presents experimental electro-psychedelia with steady synth-pad backdrops and alternating leads, the latter often projected through fastidious guitars or unique synth effects. Kellogg’s project name is an apt title for what he’s producing, an inventive clash of electro-pop and ambient hip-hop beats.

MP3s: Creeptones

Despite having attained a respectable following in their native Toms River, NJ, the rich and melodic rock of Creeptones still has not achieved the blog buzz it deserves. That should change shortly. A single listen will likely get you hooked.

Review: Errors – New Relics [Mini-Album]

*Errors *are an intriguing band to say the least. Part *Animal Collective*, part 70′s prog rock, their new mini album *New Relics* has a presence that inspires a whole wheel of emotions. From the clinical neon of ‘*White Infinity*’ to the warm electronic fuzz of ‘*Hemlock*’, this album is a…