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Download Four Tet Rarities Comp 0181

One of last year’s great under-the-radar albums was Four Tet’s Pink, the singles compilation that moved Kieran Hebden’s production further away from warm electro-acoustic romanticism and toward intricately constructed skeletal dance music. And now, Hebden’s gone way back to the other side of the spectrum, posting 0181, a compilation of some of his very earliest [...]

[mp3] PALMS: “Don’t Go”

I’m not sure which band member it is, but someone from Sister Cities emailed me to say that they’re in a new group now called PALMS. The groups sound pretty different, but both completely rad. MP3: PALMS – Dont Go PALMS have some othe…

The Plea To Release New Single ‘Glass Waltz’

*The Plea* look set to begin 2013 with a splash, with the release of their new single ‘*Glass Waltz*’’, out now, taken from their debut album *The Dreamer’s Stadium*, released on 25th February.

*Check out the amazing video here.
Glass Waltz – The Plea (Official Video) – YouTube
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