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Album Of The Week: Prince Rama Top 10 Hits Of The End Of The World

It’s not like I’ve spent a vast chunk of my life thinking about Brooklyn deep-psych sister-act Prince Rama, but when I have thought of them, I haven’t always thought the nicest of things. At their inception, the Larson sisters always struck me as collegiate art-stoners who wore their Floridian Krishna-commune upbringings like cooler-than-you badges. That’s [...]

Isis – “Streetcleaner” (Godflesh Cover) (Stereogum Premiere)

Aaron Turner is in the business of breaking hearts these days. In 2101, he split up Isis, one of the most groundbreaking metal bands of the last decade. This year, he shut down his label, Hydra Head Records, which has been inarguably the best American metal label since Roadrunner was running off classic after classic [...]

Touch Tone – Make Believe (Chordashian Remix)

Chordashian take the already bouncy Make Believe by Binary’s own Touch Tone and give it a make over. What is produced feels hopeful, sunshiny and dope. Nice one dudes. Touch Tone – Make Believe (Chordashian Remix) by Chordashian The lighter vibe brings the vocals out front and adds an honesty and vulnerability to the tune.Digging [...]