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Premature Evaluation: Crystal Castles (III)

Crystal Castles’ great historical distinction, as I see it, is this: They’re the only group, as far as I can tell, that’s ascended to dance-music festival-headliner status by relying on distance, obfuscation, and mystery. (You could make a case for Aphex Twin and his peers there, but they were operating in a different time, a [...]


Later this month, Brooklyn rappers/friends BOODY & LE1F will pair up to release the Liquid EP, a record that features production and vocals from both artists. Head below to preview all the tracks from the EP, which definitely reside within the dark, rumbling textures of LE1F’s breakout Dark York. It’s out 11/19 on Boysnoize. Recently, [...]

Shots Fired Podcast: The Ratchet Episode

The third episode of the Shots Fired Podcast with myself and Nocando is now live. I’ll let the show description do the leg work: “On this week’s episode of Shots Fired, Jeff Weiss & Nocando discuss the phenomenon of ratchet. The duo talk about the many definitions of ratchet, Lil Boosie’s connection to the origin… Continue reading »

Video: Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush ZOMBiES – Thrilla

I fucks with this video and I’m not just saying that because the homie directed it. Off Bamz’ Strictly For My P.A.P.I.Z. mixtape. Previously: Bodega Bamz – Toca Tuesdays Freestyle | Bodega Bamz ft. Flatbush Zombies – Thrilla (Behind the Scenes)