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Review: The Lumineers – The Lumineers [Album]

5h7fx8ILwOZ3I5yQ4eGBl7The survival of indie music, in any form, is a subject as divisive as the Gaza strip in music forums, and in all fairness I can see both sides of the argument. In all honesty I detest a lot of the indie staples, like being deliberately kitsch and faux-folky because it’s…

Junkie XL – Gloria (feat. Datarock)

Electronic musician Tom Holkenborg (or Junkie XL) has created thrilling trance soundtracks for various movies and computer games. XL stands for “Xpanding Limits”, and he uses the name “JXL” to assuage those who might be offended by the the brash term, junkie. Many are already familiar with his energetic remix of Elvis Presley’s original “A Little Less Conversation,” [...]

New King Tuff "Keep On Movin’" Video

Grab your 3-D Glasses, because King Tuff have a new, 3-D video for their song “Keep on Movin’” off of their 2012 self-titled record, and Rolling Stone premiered the video for us yesterday (Rolling Stone!).
If you don’t have 3-D …