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Animal Collective Live Review at Fox Theater 9/21/12

Animal Collective’s performance was a bit of a carnival. The wide grinning stage arrangement was framed by huge illuminating teeth and a backdrop of cavernous jowls that drew the crowds’ attention to the ‘throat’ of the stage where Animal Collective stood. Psychedelic images flickered off the teeth in sync with Avey Tare’s crasp cries and Geologist’s fracking synths. [...]

Review: Rosco Bandana: Time To Begin [Album]

With the worlds supply of patience for alternative indie-folk dwindling, it seems foolish to try to break into the scene now. *Rosco Bandana* must have sensed this, and that’s why they bring a whole host of influences together to kick life back into contemporary folk.

*Time to Begin* is the bands…

Watch: Fiona Apple Tells Houston Audience About Jail Time

Photo by Benjamin Lozovsky Following her arrest for hash possession on Thursday, Fiona Apple shared details of her jail time with a Houston audience last night. (Her scheduled Austin City Limits Live concert in Austin on Thursday was postponed.) S…

First Aid Kit – Wow!! I mean wow!!!

First Aid Kit is having quite the good year. Their album The Lion’s Roar is selling like hotcakes, their live show keeps getting great reviews and now they are covering musical royalty. Any time you cover one of music’s greatest voices and he subsequently stands up to give you a standing ovation; I’m going to [...]