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Bun B Talks Houston Rockets, Texans on First Take

Bun B joins Stephen A. and Skip on ESPN’s 1st Take via satellite to discuss the Rockets performance in their first playoff game and their chances of advancing past the Trailblazers. Below, he talks Johnny Manziel, Jadeveon Clowney and the possibility of either going to the Texans in the Draft. Previously: Slim Thug & Bun [...]

Lily Allen – “Sheezus”

Lily Allen nabbed the award for Best Album Title Of 2014 when she announced her new record would be called Sheezus, and now, the album’s title track has been released. The song sounds nothing like anything on Yeezus, sadly (though not exactly shockingly). On the chorus, Allen runs down a list of pop’s biggest women [...]

Colo’s debut album UR, is out now via Ki Records. The 1st…

Colo’s debut album UR, is out now via Ki Records. The 1st single, “Holidays”, was released back in December on 7” & featured a Christian Löffler remix. The new single “Aubade”, is one of the more abstract songs on the album, featuring loose percussion made from IKEA table legs distorted through guitar amps with Basic Channel inspired dub chords & fragile vocals.

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UR almost didn’t happen. Nick Smith & Ben Corr were in the final stages of production when, one evening, their un-backed up studio laptop was left in a London pub. Fortunately the computer was honestly returned to its rightful owners & the 10 tracks were sent for mastering a short time later.

All the elements of UR were recorded live, with accidents & mistakes helping to create the loose, layered textures that run throughout the album. The juxtaposition of acoustic percussion with once cutting-edge synthesisers & effects makes for a uniquely personal listen, crafted without samples or shortcuts.

Nick’s fragile vocals were recorded with a direct & intuitive approach, with spontaneity valued over technicality – “Doorframe”, for example, features vocals recorded with a games console mic, with little concern given to the ambient noise present. The raw qualities from the environment were lost when an attempt to re-record them was made, & so what was meant to be a rough outline ended up the final

The structure of UR has been carefully considered to form a cohesive listening experience, while colo’s production aesthetic is the glue that binds the tracks together, giving them licence to explore a plethora of musical ideas & tangents.

Butch McGhee :: Stacked

Music historian John “Johnny D” Dixon must not sleep. In between hosting the freeform “Mostly Vinyl” and “Totally Jazzed” programs on Phoenix’s KWSS FM and creating a special Record Store Day single featuring Waylon Jennings and Sanford Clark — which I had the pleasure of helping produce — Dixon has cranked out a voluminous new […]