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The People’s Temple – “Looter’s Game”

The People’s Temple borrowed their name from the Jim Jones Kool Aid suicide cult, and their dark psychedelic pop does justice to that bizarre, atavistic association: It has the same tripped-out, dayglo vibe of Arthur Lee’s Love or Her Satanic Majesty’s Request. The Lansing, MI band’s sophomore LP, More For The Masses, is due out [...]

Mixtape Of The Week: Childish Gambino Royalty

Last time I was in this space, pickings were slim, thanks to a bit of a mixtape drought in the immediate time period Kitty Pryde’s conversation-starting Haha, I’m Sorry and Joey Bada$$’s immaculate time capsule 1999 dropped. I ended up going with Lil B’s Green Flame, which was, putting it lightly here, not his best [...]

Sheek Louch – Mr. Rogers

I jump out that white Impala at Family Dollar, buy a couple Pyrex pots then I’ll holla Download: Link Props: DJ OP Previously: Wu-Block (Sheek Louch & Ghostface) – Union Square

Purity Ring – Fineshrine

Our deep admiration for the musical genius that is Purity Ring doesn’t stop with their music. Behold the new video for “Fineshrine,” the latest single off their debut album Shrines. The piece is yet another feather in the cap for the Canadian duo. It’s haunting use of chiaroscuro paired with carefully placed, fantastical imagery highlights themes [...]