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Jay-Z @ Barclay’s Center, Brooklyn, NY 9/28/2012

“Nothing feels like tonight,” Jay-Z kept repeating on-stage at last night’s Barclay’s Center-opening blowout, a night that Jay himself and NYC developer (/civic villain, depending on who you talk to) Bruce Ratner had dreamed up almost a decade ago. Though both were keen to enjoy their moment in the sun — high-definition video screens curled [...]

Video: Jay-Z Performs New Verse @ Barclays Center

Jay-Z starts off his first show in BK with “99 Problems”, but before that he lets go of a new verse: This is Rich Porter, part two You can stunt like that when you’re rich before your debut Money and the murder, rapper or the trapper Either way I’m gonna serve ya Shooters on my [...]

Video: Jay-Z Opens 40/40 Club Inside Barclay’s Center NYC

He owns part of the Brooklyn Nets, has his own club inside of the Barclay’s Center, holds fundraisers for President Obama, designed the Brooklyn Nets logo, executive produced the NBA 2K13 soundtrack….what isn’t Jay-Z doing? This is lightwork for him. Hov for New York City Mayor in 2020. Previously: Jay-Z – Where I’m From + [...]

Video: Beanie Sigel on his Battle with Jadakiss

In his drug-induced state, Beans recalls Jay having Jadakiss kicked off taking Jadakiss’ spot on certain songs, he mentions “Fiesta” and “Best of Me” by Mya specifically.
Previously: Beanie Sigel Talks About Taking a Gun …

Zach Caraher aka Big Z, just sent this trap remix of…

Zach Caraher aka Big Z, just sent this trap remix of “Clique” by Kanye West, Big Sean & Jay-Z. Check it out:

P.S. song was taken down from Soundcloud, but it still can be downloaded via Mediafire.

Clique (Big Z Trap remix) // download