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Haiku Reviews: DJ Khaled’s “Kiss The Ring”

Slava P occasionally gets J.R.R. Tolkien confused with Ace Hood. Shout Out To The Real – Meek Mill/ Ace Hood/ Piles An energetic trap jam — “over-trapped” by the addition of Piles Bitches And Bottles – Future/ T.I./ Lil’ Wayne Turn’ ignorance up. Legends (and Future) spit bars of no consequence I Wish You Would… Continue reading »

Does Hit Boy’s “HITStory” Have Any Hits?

Evan Nabavian is in the promised land. That may or may not be a party at Kanye’s estate. It’s about time we learned what else the “Niggas in Paris” guy has to offer and if he’s really the new Kanye, as the murmurs suggest. Comparisons between Hit-Boy and Kanye stem from the scrapbook style video… Continue reading »

Watch Kanye’s Dancers’ Flash Mob On A Plane

Wassup Friday? Here’s Kanye’s troupe of dancers doing their “Runaway” routine as part of an in-flight flash mob. I love the part when they do that one move where all the dancers splay out in different directions. Watch it below.

Video: Kanye’s Dancers in Flight

Kanye’s dance crew flash mobs a commercial airliner in flight with a performance of their “Runaway” routine. “The song ‘Runaway’ was used with permission of Kanye West. This video is a present for Kanye and all dancers, who took part in the concert shows during the 2012 Australian Tour.” Shot by choreographer Yemi AD Previously: [...]