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Kanye Fulfills Community Service By Teaching At Fashion School

If you’ve ever been given court-ordered community service, you know that it’s a real drag, usually a highest-possible-level-of-drudgery type of task. I once had to do clerical work at a library, and it felt like I’d won the lottery. But Kanye West has figured out how to do community service in a way that probably [...]

Video: Kanye West Joins Dave Chappelle at Radio City Music Hall

Yeezus made a surprise appearance at Dave Chappelle’s comeback show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City last night. ‘Ye hit the stage for a surprise performance of “New Slaves,” “Jesus Walks” and “Gold Digger” to close out the reclusive comedian’s stand-up set. Previously: Video: Kanye at Bonnaroo (Recap)

Watch Kanye West’s Surprise Performance At Dave Chappelle’s Show In NYC

Last night Dave Chappelle surprised the NYC audience at the second night of his 10-show Radio City Music Hall residency by bringing out Kanye West. West performed three songs: “New Slaves,” “Gold Digger,” and “Jesus Walks.” No phones or cameras were technically allowed at the venue, but some fans managed to record the short set. [...]

Drake Suarez: If Rappers Were Footballers

Somehow the rap game, reminds Dweez of the beautiful game. Art by Ben Bjelajac. Drake featuring Drake. We’ve now seen all 32 teams play in this tournament. Google searches are 10x higher for the World Cup than they were for the NBA Finals this last week. The game done changed and here is a guide… Continue reading »