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The Week In Pop: John Legend Reaches Peak Normalcy

Is he really a legend or isn’t he? There’s no doubt John Legend is a music industry power-player, the kind of safe yet pliable talent who moves in many circles, who appeals to many demographics, who’s such a lock to appear at the Grammys every year that he inspired this genius tweet from our own [...]

Win A Trophy Wife In Future & Kanye’s “I Won” Video Game

Future and Kanye West have shared a game to promote their new single “I Won.” In the game, Future and Kanye are maxing, relaxing, and acting all cool on the beach, when beautiful women begin to walk by them — probably a common problem for the duo. Clearly, the way to handle such an influx [...]

Watch Kanye Let A Guy Rap For Him While Paparazzi Trail Him Home

Legend has it that Big Sean got his record deal after he badgered his way into an in-person audition with Kanye West, which effectively makes Kanye the greatest possible target for any random dude-on-the-street rapper. One such industrious individual recently approached Kanye while he and Kim Kardashian were making a paparazzi-heavy half-a-block walk to their [...]

Kanye Lets a Kid Freestyle for Him on The Street

On a recent New York night Kanye and Kim were walking to their SoHo apartment when some kid started chatting them up before launching into a quick verse. This probably happens to successful rappers every single day, but I can’t imagine that Kanye is a big fan of impromptu struggle freestyles while he’s walking with [...]