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Free Download: Josh Kumra – The Soho Session EP

Earlier this week *Josh Kumra* ran a special twitter initiative to allow fans to get their profile pictures featured on a limited edition 7″ of his debut single *’Helicopters & Planes’*. Once the cover was full it unlocked a free three track acoustic EP, *The Soho Sessions. *

The EP was…

No, No, No, Malice

Jimmy Ness is having nightmares. Hearing half of the Thornton brothers do anything other than snarling coke raps seems weird. It’s like a convicted murderer claiming their religion to the parole board. So yes, listening to Malice post-conversion to Christianity feels off. He and Pusha T once wrote drug rhymes menacing enough to give Rick… Continue reading »

Tune of the (yester)day: Pink Floyd – Money // Issue #37

The opening money and cash register sound effects sound like random sequence of events until that walking bass-line, doubled with the guitar join in. Before you realise it you have a pop song with one of the more unusual 7/4 time signature. What is the most astonishing thing about this track is the…

The Tale of Emily White, Scarcity and the Future of Music Products

Unless you spent the first half of this week on the digital music equivalent of planet Mars, you will have noticed the Emily White furore. The long and short of which was NPR (US public radio) Intern Emily White blogging that she owned 11,000 songs of which just 15 were albums that she had purchased [...]

Musweek: will.i.am, Pearl Jam and a Knight // Issue #18

On a daily basis, we’re constantly inundated with news. News about political affairs, news about what’s happening in the sporting world, entertainment news that’s now more like gossip as opposed to actual news, and news about family, friends, and the cat down the road. Basically, information has…