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Fucked Up – “Inside A Frame” Video

The brand-new video for “Inside A Frame,” one of the prime ragers from Fucked Up’s great 2011 album David Comes To Life, mostly takes place at a tough-kid dance-crew choreography practice, and it’s pure melodrama. It’s also a nice indication that the makers of the next Step Up movie should seriously throw a Fucked Up [...]

‘Why Poverty?’ And How do We End It? (Review)

Learning to develop solar power for her community, Rafea’s enthusiasm and talents help her to stand out, but at the same time, she sees herself as representative more than exceptional. “We can change this village,” she says, “We can change this life…

A Blank Expression Upon His Face

Squeeze “Tommy” My love of Squeeze is almost entirely focused on their late 70s and early 80s material. This is the case for most people inclined to listen to Squeeze, really. I’ve just never connected with the later material, and to some extent, it’s a matter of getting my Squeeze fix with the work I [...]