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The Thinker: A Few Words on Ryan Hemsworth

Jonah Bromwich is thinking about ruses. I reviewed the new Ryan Hemsworth EP recently and, because I enjoyed it, I decided to check out some other stuff he’s done. It didn’t take long before I stumbled upon this fantastic Frank Ocean remix, which Hemsworth released back at the end of July. A good remix accomplishes… Continue reading »

Say Brother – All I Got Is Time [Album Review]

I’ve come off of my sabbatical because there’s this band out there that’s got me emitting a natural musky smell. As Shania Twain said, “Man, I feel like a wo-As Sheryl Crow said, “Are you strong enough to be my man?” Yes, yes I am. That band is Columbia, South Carolina’s Say Brother and their [...]

Finding Grace in Beautiful Places (Sound Affects)

I use music as a viable source of empowerment: it is capable of conjuring up words and concepts that are oblique, or pretentious, or all-too-easily invoked, expedient for folks who ardently need a way to articulate the feeling they either can’…

Stream Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for The Master

Anyone who has seen There Will Be Blood remembers Jonny Greenwood’s incredible score to Paul Thomas Anderson’s classic film. Now there’s another PTA movie on the horizon with yet another great contribution from Jonny. Now the only thi…