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Jacques Greene: "Ready"

While Montreal producer Jacques Greene’s previous releases have been characterized by clubby, two-step send-ups of contemporary R&B, “Ready”– the title track from his new EP on Martyn’s 3024 label– provides something different: A backdrop of ters…

Video: Kreayshawn: "Go Hard (La.La.La.)"

Following “Breakfast”, here’s the new single and video from Kreayshawn’s upcoming record Somethin’ Bout Kreay, which is out August 14 through Columbia. You’ll rest easy after seeing the pop-arty, half-animated clip: Lil Debbie’s back in the mix. The…

[stream] Blockhead: “Tools of the Industry”

I’ve been loving this Blockhead track since I heard it on WRFL a day or two ago. It’s a great electronica pop track that incorporates what I’m guessing is a Bruce Haack/Esther Nelson vocal sample. I couldn’t find any information…

Mausi – Sol. (Chad Valley Remix)

Oxford-based chillwave purveyor Chad Valley has put together a dazzling remix of “Sol.” for ATG Records alumni Mausi. Valley swaps out the bouncy upbeat cadences of the original track in exchange for oozing, minimal synth and bass textures punctuated by arpeggios, a reworking that feels just right for deep summer. The song is accompanied by [...]