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Noel Gallagher – DVD Out Today – Band To Kick Off Tour Next Week

“*International Magic Live At The O2*” is out today and comprises two DVDs packed with exclusive footage. Disc 1 features *Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds live at London’s O2 on Feb 26, 2012*, the biggest Arena show Noel’s band have played to date. Disc 2 features an acoustic set by *Noel…

Download Wiz Khalifa Cabin Fever 2

A couple of years ago, Wiz Khalifa ascended to one of the most annoying forms of pop stardom imaginable. But he’s still the guy who built a huge cult audience by touring relentlessly for years and mastering a particularly zoned-out and hook-happy form of weed-rap, and every once in a while, he reminds us of [...]

Skream – 100K Freeizm

  Son Rawizm Dubstep originator Skream has had a quiet year since the birth of his son and the slightly overwrought, epic, tranced out single that followed. I suppose parenting  takes up the time he previously used downing Stella and pumping out Madlibian amounts of skunked out music. Thankfully, his twitter game has remained on… Continue reading »

YACHT Are Making A TV Show

Around last November, the band YACHT moved to Los Angeles. Just under a year later, they have announced a new TV show. YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. The show is called Support, and Amazon Studios optioned it. Logline: “An ensemble comedy about life on the rock ‘n’ roll road, as seen through the eyes of [...]

Video: Kendrick Lamar’s Photoshoot for Leveled Magazine

Kendrick hooked up with for Leveled Magazine for a photoshoot and quick Q&A that he filled out on a big piece of posterboard. Check out the behind the scenes clip above and some shots from the piece below. Click here to check out the rest of photographer Ben Miller’s images and to read the interview. [...]