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MMVIII EP,is the 1st official release from Vancouver-based…

MMVIII EP,is the 1st official release from Vancouver-based producer Brock McColm aka ROOK MILO’s. The project is a collaborative effort with his close friend Shun Kinoshita + his brand MMVIII. Head over to MMVIII to view the full sleeve + aesthetics of the entire project. Click here to download the EP for free.

“A long time coming, I’m glad I can finally share these tracks with you – including some overdue downloads.” – ROOK MILO

Cold ✖ free download

Bodyroll ✖ free download

Porches. – “Prism”

Porces. is Aaron Maine, a New York resident who makes spindly, idiosyncratic homemade pop music and who’s been putting out a steady stream of smaller releases for a minute now. He’s now linked up with Terrible Records, the label that Grizzly Bear’s Chris Taylor co-founded, to release two new songs on a 7″ single. The [...]

Rat & Co are pleased to share their remix of Hoodlem’s…

Rat & Co are pleased to share their remix of Hoodlem’s “Firing Line” in celebration of the pair’s upcoming European tour. Rat & Co’s ambient, moody, + delicate cinematic soundscapes combined with Hoodlem’s soulful vocal hooks & pulsing experimental beats make for a collaboration likely to expand both band’s audiences.

The band’s sophomore album Binary — out today in N. America + Europe — is streaming in full on Soundcloud + is now available for purchase in both territories on iTunes.