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Alicia Keys to headline MTV Crashes Manchester on 24th September

*MTV UK* has revealed 14-time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer *Alicia Keys* will headline* MTV Crashes Manchester* on Monday 24th September at Manchester Cathedral.

In celebration of Manchester’s long musical heritage and contribution to UK youth culture,* MTV Crashes Manchester…

Berlin Music Week celebrates a successful third edition

2,000 delegates at ‘*Word on Sound*’, 20,000 visitors taking part in the Berlin *Music Week Club Program*, more than 20,000 people at *the Berlin Festival*, 18,000 guests attending the* Berlin Music Week Club Night* – the third edition of *Berlin Music Week* celebrated its triumphant conclusion in…

The 25 Greatest Outdated Rap Slang Words

Rap and slang are as inextricable as Rush Limbaugh and dittoheads; cholula and antacids. Slang is regional and national, different lexicons in almost every county. As “Blue Mamba,” Trey Kirby suggested, you could listen to Cash Money 1998-2002 and come up with a hundred of these. We gathered a crack team of rap mimes to… Continue reading »

Legendary US Rapper NAS to perform at Under The Bridge

To celebrate the release of his new album *Life Is Good,* *NAS* will play a number of prestigious, intimate venues especially for his diehard fans.

With the first show of the ‘*Nas Takes Over London*’ programme having sold out within minutes, the rap superstar is now announcing the second of…