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The Rockometer: Advaitic Songs by Om

Om Advaitic Songs Drag City Advaitic Songs is the second album by Om since Emil Amos replaced original drummer, Chris Haikus, and yet, the duo of Amos and Al Cisneros (bass/vocals) still sound like a band in transition. They lack both the thunderous simplicity and crushing rhythms of the original lineup and the expansive, cinematic [...]

The Rockometer: The Plot Against Common Sense by Future of the Left

Future of the Left The Plot Against Common Sense Xtra Mile Recordings Ian Cohen’s Pitchfork review of The Plot of Common Sense was rightfully hatcheted by Future of the Left’s Andrew Falkous for missinterpreting lyrics on multiple songs and overestimating the studio budget by, let’s say a factor of 100. Look, no musician likes a [...]

Hungry Ghost release self-titled LP

Obscure 90′s indie rockers *Hungry Ghosts* have released a new self-titled L.P.


The band is a Portland supergroup, born of decades long friendships and mutual admiration. Stewed and simmered in the cauldrons of Olympia post-punk, Portland…