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Debut Album from I Swim With Sharks

As *I Swim With Sharks* announce plans for their debut album they drop an acoustic video for *’Snatch the Tongue’* to give listeners a teaser of what’s about to come.

Yorkshire trio *I Swim With Sharks* are heading into the studio this week with…

Obscure Sound: Best of June 2012

This compilation is about a week late, and I apologize for that. The first week of July always tends to move quickly. But as I mentioned last month, it’s an exciting time for Obscure Sound… despite the lack of regularity in June. The expans…

Mean Jeans

Mean Jeans are a pop-punk band out of Portland Oregon. They released their second album, On Mars, back in April on Dirtnap, it is catchy as hell! Full of rad hooks and goofy lyrics, On Mars blows through 36 minutes without really taking any time to br…