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The Rockometer: Researching the Blues by Redd Kross

Redd Kross Researching the Blues Merge Records Kiddie punks, pop-culture junkies, pranksters, producers, pop music savants, friends of and collaborators with Danny Bonaduce (I shit you not) and hardcore revivalists, Jeff and Steve McDonald of Redd Kross have been all that and more during a 31-year career which began opening for Black Flag at an [...]

Record Dept. Music Reviews 2012-08-07 23:31:05

THE ORWELLS | REMEMBER WHEN AUTUMN TONE They’ve been compared to The Strokes, both in origins and sound, and Chicago teenage rockers The Orwells are proving that their raw, rebellious rock is the next best thing. Having jammed together since middle school, the five-piece has developed a could-care-less attitude and snarling punk delivery on their debut full [...]

MP3: Ghost Wave – “Hippy”

Based out of Auckland, New Zealand, Ghostwave are “inspired by skate vids, persian rugs and the music of Little Richard.” I’m not sure about the last two, but the relentless, distortion-heavy guitar-rock of “Hippy” would f…