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Alphanaut’s ‘Little Sun’ out now

*Alphanaut*, the art-rock/euro-pop musical collective formed around Los Angeles singer-songwriter/performer* Mark Alan*, release new album *Little Sun* today. *Little Sun* is a concept driven work about the full life cycle of Alan’s beloved dog *Dingo* who tragically passed away from Canine…

All Things Gold One Year Anniversary Preview: RAC

Some say that Genghis Khan, in his relentless domination of Asia and its women, fathered something like 1000 children. Impressive, but not for his indefatigability. These children were so genetically superior to their peers, so able to thrive where others died off, that supposedly one in 200 men alive today is a direct descendent of [...]

Mixology, Mixtapes and Remixes at Nightlight Academy

NightLife stirs things up with Noise Pop this week. Watch Shane McKnight and the mixologists at Cocktail Lab work their magic during demonstrations using seasonal ingredients. The San Francisco Mixtape Society will host a mixtape swap, so come prepared with a mix tape, mix CD or mix USB stick inspired by the theme of Night Creatures. You’ll walk [...]

Nas & Akinyele – Live @ the BBQ Freestyle (Lunchroom Battles 1991)

Soundcloud user gudtyme shares a rare live recording of Nas and Akinyele. In the summer of 1991, i was chilling at my boys crib @djwishbone. He was making a mixtape. This was a gem from that day. Akinyele and Nas doing their”Live at the BBQ” routine. Luckily i still have this copy. it inspired me [...]