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Starred: "No Good"

Brooklyn-via-L.A. outfit Starred’s singer Liza Thorn was in a band with former Girls frontman Christopher Owens called– wait for it– Curls. Even without that connection, Starred’s debut single, “No Good”, appears to emerge from the same bottomless re…

Review: John Mayer – Born And Raised [Album]

*Born and Raised* is another self-indulged chapter in *John Mayer*’s strange and spontaneous life, this time through the stripped down delicacy of Americana inspired folk. He’s even grown out his hair. Despite *Mayer*’s music being as well known for his personal life and arrogant interviews,…

South Of France – Lost In The Morning

Infectious indie-pop purveyors South of France created quite the buzz in the indie community last winter with the release of their stellar EP Kings, and now they’re back to liven up our summer. The Colorado-based trio has released a video for “Lost In The Morning,” the first single from their debut full length, Another Boring Sunrise. [...]