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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

There was a lot of nudity and violence and crisp, vivid black-and-white in this week’s music videos, but most of the videos that leaned heavily on those tropes didn’t make it onto this week’s countdown. The videos that did the best this week relied on their performers’ charisma, and they burst with joy and movement [...]

William Arcane – “Stay A While”

UK electronic pop dude William Arcane has been getting props from the likes of Jamie xx and Bonobo, and for good reason. “Stay A While,” Arcane’s latest single, is a triumphant bit of moody, beat-driven post-Radiohead songcraft. More than anything by Radiohead proper it reminds me of Thom Yorke’s solo work on The Eraser, though [...]

Watch First Aid Kit Cover Jack White’s “Love Interruption”

The Australian radio network Triple J has a video series called Like A Version, on which artists come on and cover other artists’ songs, and it’s usually a lot of fun. Case in point: The rootsy Swedish sister act First Aid Kit recently appeared, and they took on Jack White’s solo single “Love Interruption,” an [...]

Midular are the Free MIDI Modules Every Ableton Live Setup Needs

Forget fancy effects or sophisticated plug-ins – day-in, day-out, it’s those simple MIDI modules you wind up using again and again and again and again. It’s like having a bucket of paperclips on your desk. It doesn’t have to be exciting. It’s the simple stuff that gets used. So, one of my favorite demos from … Continue →

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