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LISTEN | Alison May – Loved/Dark (Full Album)

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter *Alison May* has been performing, writing and recording out of Oakland, CA since relocating from Texas in 2012. Her change of scenery seemed to awaken a more layered and complex side of her approach, which is carefully captured in her sophomore release,…

Off the Books: “Los Angeles’s Central Avenue Jazz”

Dweez has been assigned Steve Zahn as a doppleganger on more than one occasion. “This was a brief glittering moment of jazz as straight-up entertainment before the music was bogged down by academia and oppressive seriousness. Jazz was once the music of the people, and an element of entertainment value was not just provided: it… Continue reading »

Review: Algernon Doll – Omphalic [Album]

Prior to the release of *Omphalic*, *Alergon Doll* functioned as the solo vehicle of Glasgow singer-songwriter *Ewan Grant*, whose first two albums, *Camomile* and *Citalo-pop*, veered between fuzzy overdriven rock and strains of ambient folk. Both gained him a fair amount of praise and not…