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Yesway “Howlin’ Away” the New Bay Area Band You Need To Hear

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Yesway’s album ever since we were introduced to their single “Woahocean.” With the self-titled album’s release date (June 3rd) nearing, the best friend duo of Emily Ritz and Kacey Johansing have released today one of its singles entitled, “Howlin’ Away.” Their sound wanders into the avant-guard realms inhabited by Dirty Projectors and Animal Collective‘s Read More

50 Cent and The Laws of Power

Has-Lo is not a Boy Scout; he’ll air your ass out. 50 Cent is too successful. No one wants to champion that. People love the chase. The come up is the mirror to the chase. When the listener can live vicariously through your chase, the listener is excited like young love. When the artist achieves… Continue reading »

Bill ft. Mac Miller & Ab-Soul – Camp Fire

Most Dope member Bill connects with Mac Miller and Ab-Soul for this new record “Camp Fire” off his Vagrant mixtape. Previously: Mac Miller ft. Dash, Ab-Soul, Vince Staples & Retch – Amen

Amen Dunes – “I Can’t Dig It” (Feat. Colin Stetson)

We heard that Amen Dunes spent a lot of time in the studio working on their new album, Love, while bringing in guest artists to help out. From recent singles like “Lonely Richard” and “Lilac In Hand,” the effort shows. This new one, “I Can’t Dig It,” is their best yet, featuring thick distorted guitar [...]