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Check Out Revealing Zoomed-Out Views Of Classic Album Covers

In this era of Instagram, we all know just how easy it is to crop the hell out of a picture to remove from the fringes all unwanted detritus (i.e., our friends) and maximize the attractiveness of the image’s primary subject (i.e., ourself). But back in the day you needed a degree in graphic design [...]

London-based singer + songwriter Aaron, will release her debut…

London-based singer + songwriter Aaron, will release her debut EP, Letters To Jonny, later this year. I’ve been listening to her debut track “Strong” all day, & can’t wait for more.

Having spent the last year writing for artists such as Ed Thomas, Arlissa + Dante – Aaron is now focusing on her own sound & style. Honing her craft & working with the likes of Corey Chorus (Rihanna) & TIEKS (Florence & The Machine, Duke Dumont) on forthcoming material. She is a purveyor of “Dream Pop”; classic pop songs with an alternative electronic sound.

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I have been awake since Run The Jewels dropped RTJ2 around 3 this morning, and I am barely keeping my brain from turning into pink fuzz, so I will forgo my usual state-of-the-music video paragraph here and tell you that you don’t need to watch any of these videos. They’re good, but you have no [...]