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Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by fireandair

"People don’t want unlimited choice, they want the good stuff."

This is something that I might disagree with, unfortunately. People seem quite happy to have an unlimited, faux-empowering number of really crappy choices over a far more limited number of choices of "the good stuff." That kid at NPR who downloaded 11,000 songs — they sure weren't 11,000 fabulous, incredible pieces of life-altering music. She was a hoarder, plain and simple. She didn't actually care about that music; no one can CARE about 11,000 songs. Period. Not in 1600, not in 1900, and not today. I don't care what kind of super high-tech ipod she has, it will not enable her mind to hold onto 11,000 songs. The vast majority of that stuff is just garbage she listened to once or downloaded just for the hell of it or to brag that she already had it to a friend who had only just discovered some obscure indie band.

She WANTS the "empowerment" of having 11,000 things in her possession, and that's all she wants. If she actually connected to fantastic, life-changing music that makes the kind of demands on your attention that such music tends to make, she would have been happy with far fewer.

Besides, anything that you can acquire in commodity quantities like chicken nuggets or fries at a super-cheap cost or even for nothing generally tends to not be "the good stuff." Fact is, when it comes to food or music, most people are perfectly happy with an unlimited supply of absolute shite rather than the foodie/gourmet stuff that tastes and sounds better, and doesn't destroy your arteries. Mickey D's makes way more money than any gourmet restaurant.

Slim Twig Premieres ‘Gun Shy’ video on Spin.com

Paper Bag Records is excited to release the new album from the ever-morphing *Slim Twig* today in North America on CD, LP and DL. *Sof’ Sike* is a dramatic follow-up to 2009′s Contempt! and replaces analog drum machines and scratched record samples with the psychedelic rumblings of live…

Comment on The Reality of the New Music Business by fireandair

Doug, that's really an interesting and illuminating way to put it. The tools and the landscape have shifted, and we CAN'T be successful in the new landscape using the milestones of the old one. We have a million new tools and ways to connect with listeners at our disposal … and yet the young bands that emmelle below mention are still gauging their success by having been on MTV.

Sean Kingston ft. DOM Kennedy – Money

Sean Kingston drops this week’s Feed The Streets Thursdays track ‘Money’, which features DOM Kennedy.
Download: Link

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