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Stream Dan Shears & The Velveteen Orkestra EP in full now

Tortured and melancholic; *Against a Sea of Troubles *delves deep into emotional wounds and pulls out elegant tales of hope and hopelessness. Adrift in a swirling ocean of angelic voices, blood-curdling cackles and haunting whispers, it collides with a surging wave of orchestral sound and…

Letting My Tongue Swell

Grizzly Bear “Speak In Rounds”
Grizzly Bear, even in their blandest moments, excel in composing interlocking guitar parts that weave rhythmic elements from folk with the textures of art rock. That’s Sonic Youth’s trick too, at least from Daydream Nation onward, but Grizzly Bear are far more invested in the aesthetics of folk, and entirely avoid [...]

Zach Caraher aka Big Z, just sent this trap remix of…

Zach Caraher aka Big Z, just sent this trap remix of “Clique” by Kanye West, Big Sean & Jay-Z. Check it out:

P.S. song was taken down from Soundcloud, but it still can be downloaded via Mediafire.

Clique (Big Z Trap remix) // download


MP3: Life Size Maps – “Darkling”

Life Size Maps are a rare find in their ability to juggle cinematic atmospheres with glittering pop infectiousness. Their murky vein of electro-rock is without a dull moment, its soaring and infectious melodies providing thrills that remind of diverse electronic-pop groups like Depeche Mode, The Cure, and others willing to embrace the fusing of rock and electro-pop.