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Premiere: Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Punks Jump Up Remix)

I don’t always listen to albums, but when I do, I prefer Parisian duo Jupiter‘s Juicy Lucy. The title track off the album is all about a lady who needs a boogieman. Depending on where you put the comma, Jupiter either needs a man who boogies, or needs to boogie, man. Regardless of which it [...]

[Boomslang] Apache Relay @ Cosmic Charlie’s 9.21.12

Apache Relay were a dream opener. I was really looking forward to Deerhoof’s set, but for the length of Apache Relay’s show I was completely focused on them. Not only were they a pretty energetic live act, but they had a sound that varied e…

Lester The Fierce

Oh, the times when I love music blogging. (What, you thought I had undying love for this thing? Try getting behind the wheel.) An old summer camp acquaintance recently reached out to me via Facebook about one of the acts she manages and the whole personal piece certainly sparked my interest. I [...]