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Kool Keith – Total Orgasm (Mixtape)

Keith drops a new mixtape project for dat mass. Presumably not safe to listen to anywhere, around anybody. Tracklist after the jump. 1) The Ultra Legendary (Intro) (Produced by Dj Junkaz Lou) 2) Swag (Produced by Kool Keith) 3) Fat Pussy (Produced by Kool Keith) 4) Jedi Supreme Ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By Mr [...]

ATTN: Employees – Do Not Buy These Used CDs

It’s hard enough for independent record stores to stay afloat in this economy, and even harder when you’ve got used bins full of unmovable crap that has been collecting dust since the Clinton administration. So it makes sense for shops to have guidelines helping to clarify for employees exactly what music to avoid from patrons [...]

Video: James Iha – “To Who Knows Where”

There’s something hilarious about seeing James Iha knock over a tray of cookies. You’d expect that sort of behavior from former bandmate Billy Corgan, not James. But on the video for “To Who Knows Where”, we have plenty of simil…