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Swans: "Mother of the World"

“Mother of the World” is quintessential Swans in how it scans like stress test rather than a pop song. A callus-forming, two-note riff repeats literally ad nauseum, its path undeterred by Thor Harris’ puncturing snare hits and the queasy, unidentifiabl…

Paper Tiger Of Doomtree releases summer EP

*Paper Tiger*, producer and live DJ of* Doomtree*, releases Summer EP today on Doomtree Records. *On Summer EP*, *Paper* departs from the moodier moments of Made Like Us in favor of a more up-tempo, sunnier sound palette, perfect for the summer. The banjo, accordion, and whistling on ‘*The…

Jay Electronica Denies Ghostwriting For Nas

Jay Electronica took to Twitter last night and flat out denied that he ever wrote lyrics for Nas. Well, to be completely accurate he said Nas “never has and never will need a ghostwriter” and I think it’s safe to assume that most resonable people would interpret that as a denial. Nas is one of [...]