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Ahead of its Sept 8th release on the band’s own label,…

Ahead of its Sept 8th release on the band’s own label, Nostromo Records, Brighton’s Esben & the Witch have unveiled the momentous centerpiece at the core of their 3rd full-length outing, A New Nature. It comes in the guise of “The Jungle”: an appropriately dense, 15-minute workout in captured & released tension.

Fittingly, it begins thinly adorned, as if you’re weaving your way through the thin shrubbery that outskirts the titular jungle: beneath Rachel Davies’ searching vocals, the sole driving force is a singular kick-drum pulse, acting as a steadying heartbeat as you brace yourself for what’s to come.

This reasonable calm is, expectedly, not to remain status quo. “The Jungle” builds to cathartic peaks of searing guitars + hypnotic breaks that toy with gut-wrenching distortion & lonely brass by turn. The result is a psychosis-inducing recreation of the fear & frustration of being lost in the track’s tropical namesake, calling to mind the sense of equatorial paranoia present in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness; meandering through thick & thin, through hope & loss until finally a resolve is met. You’ll have to listen carefully to find out what that is.

Aphex Twin To Hold Syro Listening Parties Around The World

Next month, Aphex Twin will release SYRO, his first proper studio album in 13 years. This is both a big deal and a weird one, and Richard D. James has concocted an interesting way to let the world hear the record for the first time. Next week, around the world, James will hold SYRO listening [...]

Nai Harvest – “Buttercups” Video

We named Nai Harvest a Band To Watch because they’re fucking great, and your latest chance to witness that greatness in action is their new video for “Buttercups” from their recent split 12-inch with Playlounge. The band tells Crack, “Washing machines are cool dude! At the time Ed Crisp; who shot the video, had the [...]

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

At Sunday night’s VMAs, MTV awarded its Video Of The Year trophy to Miley Cyrus’ butt-naked tearsploitation Terry Richardson vision “Wrecking Ball,” and Miley brought a homeless model (?) to the stage to accept the award. Immediately afterward, Beyoncé, whose “Drunk In Love” video was nominated and lost, came to the stage to give a [...]

For the last couple of days, I’ve been listening to…

For the last couple of days, I’ve been listening to Vaults’ single “Lifespan” non-stop. The track comes out next week accompanied by two remixes from Irish producer Jack Colleran aka MMOTHS + one of Kitsuné’s rising talents, ViLLAGE.

The London trio is also sharing stream of their latest spectacular cover of alt-J’s latest single “Hunger Of The Pine”.

“We are all massive fans of these guys; they make such exciting choices in their music and we thought this particular track, with the Miley sample, would sound really interesting interpreted by a female voice. Blythe laid down a vocal which seemed to work first take – everything followed that :) we just hope they like it!”