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Bet Awards 12 Lineup

With previously announced performers like Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj, *BET AWARDS 12* (#BETAWARDS) was already big, but it is about to get bigger!

Known for delivering the most unforgettable live musical performances, *BET AWARDS 12* has just added *Usher, 2 Chainz *and *Big Sean* to its…

Review: Gaggle – From the Mouth of the Cave [Album]

Twenty-one strong and dripping in synchronized peculiarity, *Gaggle’s* debut album *From the Mouth of the Cav*e certainly has its moments, but lacks the inspiration such a set-up promises.

Formed in late 2008 by Deborah Coughlin and aided by her writing partner Simon Dempsey, *Gaggle* is actually…

Progress Report: Blonds

Name: Blonds Progress Report: The NYC-by-way-of-Florida BTW put the finishing touches on their forthcoming full-length, The Bad Ones. Shortly after releasing their first EP last November (the excellently moody Dark Roots), Cari Rae and Jordy Asher — better known as Blonds — packed up their stuff and moved from south Florida to New York City [...]