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Since its release last month, Coasts’ single…

Since its release last month, Coasts’ single “Oceans” has picked up support from several tastemakers around the globe. Now, Kastle gives the track a stunning rework infusing the track with irresistible bass & euphoric synth work.

Oceans (Kastle remix) ✞ buy [like required]

Speedy Ortiz – “Bigger Party”

Thus far this summer, most of the songs in the Adult Swim Singles Series have been big, ominous, carefully sculpted things. These are not things you could say about “Bigger Party,” Speedy Ortiz’s contribution to the series. Instead, it’s a freewheeling, chaotic, oversharing splurge of a song, with a chorus that you are not likely [...]

Spoon Never Runs When It’s Just Getting Good

Will Schube is playing his part amazingly smart It’s easy to dismiss Spoon’s latest single, “Do You”, as nothing more than the band continuing along a path any fan of the group’s discography would be familiar with: great single, great album…Rinse, lather repeat. I often fall into the trap of taking the Austin, Texas band… Continue reading »