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Touch Tone – Make Believe

Touch Tone. This tune features Alex Koons of LexiconDon and has been on repeat around the Binary mansion…Ok….we dont really have a mansion per se but….how rad would that be? All neon and Erte originals, Ferraris in the circular drive way, marble,stainless steel, pool stretching out to a sick skyline view of LA….alright enough about [...]

Jay5 mixes Deep Medi

Son Raw might start a petition. Or he might smoke something. Either or. Rinse FM is known for a tough-love approach to programming, mercilessly updating its roster to reflect current trends and musical styles. That’s all good, but the losing the Anti-Social show a few months back hurt my soul. Why Rinse? Was there no… Continue reading »

Trail Of Dead – “Catatonic” Video

Trail Of Dead’s new video for “Catatonic” features the cartoonish ascension of fictional politician Rich Dobney, a sharp, greedy rise that eventually gives way to a sex-and-drugs-related downfall. Trail Of Dead bassist Autry Fulbright II directs and writes with help from Sonny Clark. Here’s Fulbright with a little more context: “Catatonic” is physically defined by [...]