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Yeasayer – “Reagan’s Skeleton” Video

I’m not sure if there’s any connection, intentional or otherwise, but the brand-new clip for Yeasayer’s “Reagan’s Skeleton” — a highlight from the band’s recent third album, Fragrant World — has a real Reagan-era feel to it: It’s a dramatically lit performance video that would have fit comfortably on MTV circa ’85, in between vids [...]

Videodrome :: Kevin Coyne – I Want My Crown, 1973

Early on in this clip from The Old Grey Whistle Test, Kevin Coyne admits that he “knicked” his version of “I Want My Crown” off the song’s originator, Big Joe Williams.  Coyne’s interpretation is more spritely, melodic, and memorable than …

The Chromatics After Dark: Your Dance Party Du Jour

Jonah Bromwich drives slow, homie. If you’re like me, you left Drive in a state of shock and awe. You didn’t care about precedent, about the other people who liked the movie or didn’t like the movie, about what it all meant, about a gold comedic performance by Ron Perlman. All you knew is that… Continue reading »