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The Control Center: Marley Marl Radio Tapes from 1985-89

After spending an Internet-less afternoon pontificating about the contrived weirdness that now passes for originality in rap, I’m cleansing my palate by returning to the old school. Don’t think I’m dating myself. Marley Marl was mostly before my time, save for that first Lords of the Underground album, which is a minor masterpiece in its… Continue reading »

Video: Rick Ross – MMG Tour Vlog #2

The first Tour vlog they put up was some bullshit so I didn’t bother posting. This is slightly better. Includes footage of Ross bringing out DJ Bay Bay in New Orleans and the Tallahassee stop of the tour. Previously: Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross – Respect Me | Saigon Wants to Punch Rick Ross & [...]

Oh SHIT! New Son Of Kick jam! It’s called…

Oh SHIT! New Son Of Kick jam! It’s called “EOW” & features Virus Syndicate + Foreign Beggars. This is arguably one of the most colorful, diverse + energetic tunes of the year. The track’s rapid-fire vocals & use of high-pitched oscillatating