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Danny Brown & Rustie Attak

Danny Brown is probably the only rapper who sounds right over these type of intergalactic trap seizure beats. America might not have understood Dizzee Rascal, but they are ready for Danny Brown — at least if I am to believe the pandemonium at every festival he plays. The track taken from Rustie’s new album. Glasgow… Continue reading »

Steve Gunn is More Than Halfway There

Will Schube is incognito and taking it easy There are few feelings greater than listening to a guitar player who simply owns his instrument. It’s an elusive skill—a combination of mastery, swagger, and that ever frustrating descriptor—feel. Steve Gunn, most well-known for backing up Kurt Vile, who has moved into the territory of bonafide solo… Continue reading »

Watch Diplo Show Off His Madonna Dubplate

Diplo has lately been putting in some studio work with Madonna, which is a pretty cool thing to have on your resume. During one of those sessions, he apparently convinced her to record a new version of “La Isla Bonita,” the 1987 hit that’s right up there with “Open Your Heart” and “Burning Up” and [...]