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Terry Callier :: You Goin’ To Miss Your Candyman

Mixing trad-folk, funk and soul with straight jazz sensibilities, Callier’s “Candyman” is the cornerstone of his 1973 LP What Color Is Love?. Due to the strength of the album as a whole, cornerstone is high praise (see: “Dancing Girl,” and

Narduwar Vs. Flying Lotus

In which the pair talk Dre, obscure jazz records loosely connected to Lotus and parking lots. Narduwar has a career in the CIA ahead of him if the gifts and guerrilla school of journalism doesn’t pan out.

Free Download: Tzar – XO.VS

Following the leak of the 24K-worshipping track* ‘Gold Chains’,* Couture Rap messenger *Tzar* unveils the real deal with his new *EP XO.VS*, a joint project with producer *VersA Beatz.*

Perfect soundtrack to zone out to, *XO.VS* is* Tzar’s* personal ode to the high life and the honest love for…