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Branko’s new EP Control is out now via his own label…

Branko’s new EP Control is out now via his own label Enchufada. Earning a deserved reputation as a trusted source for Global Club music, Branko has always spread his messages through an international amalgamation of rhythms, fusing musical styles & global backgrounds through hip-hop, house + techno. Now, fresh off his BBC Radio 1 residency, Branko is presenting his own curation of world music and Enchufada’s forthcoming releases to the widest possible audience.

Branko continues to make the world that little bit closer. Whether commissioning Lisbon-based Romanian artists Saddo for the Control artwork called ‘King of Clubs’ which represents the Spring, beginning of life, creativity & youth or through his music, Branko pulls influences from all corners of the globe for a heady mix of musical flavors that never ceases to excite and entertain.

Purchase the Control EP on iTunes or stream the whole thing below.

LISTEN | Futurecop! – Lost Love

*Futurecop!* is the Manchester-based electronic project of Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, both of whom are inspired by 80s and early-90s nostalgia. After graduating from college, Iqbal drew much inspiration from Scottish producer *Mylo* and his track *”In My Arms,”* and began re-creating sounds…