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Review: The Agency… – Of Ghosts [Album]

The problem with reviewing a band that hail from the same area as yourself is you feel a sense of loyalty to them. You feel as if, because you share a common culture, you become somewhat protective over them. This makes for less impartial reviews, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of…

Cam’ron Is Selling Ebola Masks

Ebola panic is in full swing, so let’s be thankful that Cam’ron is looking out for us. The New York rapper is now selling Cam’ron-branded Ebola masks in his online store. “Wrap it up and protect yourself from Ebola just like Killa Cam!” the website advertises. “Provides complete protection while remaining light and comfortable. Polypropylene [...]

Parkay Quarts announce Content Nausea

*Content Nausea*, *Parkay Quarts*’ second release of 2014, is the inevitable repercussion to* Sunbathing Animal*’s pure emotion. With one member completing a degree in mathematics, and another starting a family,* Content Nausea* features mostly the work of *Andrew Savage* and *Austin Brown*, with…

LISTEN | Andy Stott – ‘Faith In Strangers’

*Andy Stott* returns with* Faith In Strangers* out November 18th via Modern Love. This is Stott’s first new album since 2012’s critically heralded *Luxury Problems*. In anticipation of his upcoming release, Stott has shared the title track* ‘Faith In Strangers’*, which is streaming above…