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Jolie Holland :: Dark Days (Video) via Wine Dark Sea

“Dark Days”– the first taste from Jolie Holland’s upcoming LP, Wine Dark Sea, out next month via Anti Records. Both it and a cheap-o used copy of Neil Young’s Live Rust, that I recently re-bought, have lived side by side on my car’s passenger seat the past month. And in contrast to Holland’s previous output, […]

Mobb Deep – G.O.D. Pt. III (Cookin Soul Remix)

I’m always hesitant to even listen to remixes of classics like this because really, how could you possibly improve on the original? What in the world could ever fuck with that Scarface sample that Hav chopped so perfectly on the album version? So nah, I’m not gonna tell that this is better than the OG, [...]

Q&A: Owen Pallett On Getting Personal With In Conflict, The Uselessness Of Music Theory, And How Jordan Catalano Relates To Sun Kil Moon

When Owen Pallett met me poolside at Arcade Fire’s Palm Springs hotel during Coachella’s first weekend, he politely offered me some of his organic sunblock. (Incidentally, the stuff was all over my fingers when Win Butler was suddenly looming over our beach chairs a few moments later, so we bumped elbows rather than shook hands.) [...]