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Windsurf – Weird Energy

San Francisco’s Windsurf is comprised of Dan Judd (“The Sorcerer”) and Sam Grawe (Hatchback)), and helped to define the sound of West Coast balearica with their stellar 2008 album Coastlines. A few months after the album’s release, a gorgeous new Windsurf track called “Weird Energy” appeared on YouTube accompanied by what may be the raddest [...]

Hear Animal Collective Do “Honeycomb” Live On KEXP

Animal Collective recently laid down a live set at New York’s The Cutting Room Studios for Seattle’s KEXP radio station, and during that performance they played their recent single “Honeycomb” (a song that will not be included o…

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Image via Carl C @ All American Patriots Two bleeding-heart, pinko-commie liberals walk into a gun range in South Philadelphia.  It’s not the start of a bad joke lifted from the NRA website.  No, it’s how my summer vacation began in Philadelphia. How this particular hippie-pacifist ended up at the Philadelphia Archery and Gun Club [...]