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The Rockometer: Songs for Slim by The Replacements

                The Replacements Songs for Slim Self Released/New West Records While fans have long clamored for a reunion from the surviving members of the Replacements — Paul Westerberg on vox and guitar, Tommy Stinson on bass, Slim Dunlap on guiatr, and Chris Mars on drums (original guitarist Bob [...]


In this world of lo-fi music around every corner, Jeff Walls’ Campfires is a breath of fresh air. Utilizing layers of jangly guitar, and just the right amount of fuzz, Jeff has created a sunny brand of lo-fi pop music sure to make fans of bands …

Play Me: “I Like it Small” by Mudhoney

Much to the surprise of your 1995 self, Mudhoney have outlasted many of their Seattle, grunge scene peers. Pearl Jam is still alive, of course. Soundgarden reformed after an extended hiatus, and Alice in Chains did the same once they found a new Layne Stanley. Nirvana is long gone (The Grunge Beatles with Paul McCartney [...]

Play Me: “Burn” by Iggy and The Stooges

Look, I don’t want to play this track any more than you do, not after the badness of The Weirdness, The Stooges last attempt at a 21st Century record. However, it is Iggy Pop and The Stooges, and being rockers, we should give Iggy some leeway, right? Plus, he did sound pretty nasty when he [...]

The Rockometer: New Moon by The Men

                The Men New Moon Sacred Bones In a recent interview with the Village Voice, the men of the six-piece Brooklyn band, The Men, revealed their adoration Tom Petty. The excitement they expressed over Petty headlining Bonnaroo was akin to the reaction a hipster caricature would have to [...]