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Play Me: “Water Damage” by Dick Diver

Part of the deep Melbourne rock scene, Dick Diver specialize in jangly pop somewhere along the garage and indie rock spectrum. The exact place isn’t all that important, really.  Rather, let’s focus on the ease of which they deliver their melodies. Their music is not fussed about, and spoken/sung with their strong, Australian accents in [...]

Watch Me: “I’ll Be Around” by Yo La Tengo

Subtle is our word of the day. Used in a sentence, Yo La Tengo’s most recent album, Fade, is a subtle album, one where the listener must pay close attention to hear the multi-layered structures created by the band and producer John McEntire. Similarly, subtle can also be used to describe the video for “I’ll [...]

Veronica Falls

It’s embarrassing to tell you how much I love this band. It’s embarrassing to admit that I listen to this band over and over and over and over again. I admit that I completely give up my critical faculties when I listen to Veronica Falls. P…

Watch Me: “Ecstasy” by Iceage

I neglected to hop on the hype train when Danish punks, Iceage, released their debut album in 2011. I can’t say why it didn’t hit, or click with me. That would take going back in time. It just didn’t. “Coalition,” however, the first track released upcoming Matador album, made my ears perk up almost immediately. [...]

Play Me: “Don’t Play With Guns” by The Black Angels

Originally written as a response to the Batman slayings in Aurora, Colorado, The Black Angels‘ new single, “Don’t Play With Guns,” isn’t just heavy in terms of subject matter. The first track from Indigo Meadow (out April 2nd), finds the band ditching the poppier sounds of their most recent release for the dark, droning guitar [...]