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It’s a Sub Pop Sludge Feast: New Jams by Mudhoney and Pissed Jeans

  Grunge OGs, Mudhoney have never gone away. They’ve been slinging sludge for Sub Pop Records since the very beginning of grunge. And if one were to ask, let’s say, Thurston Moore, or Yo La Tengo, perhaps that’s why they don’t get the same adulation as the ’90s bands who left the spotlight for a [...]

Matt Duncan – Lone Ranger

Matt Duncan, a master songcrafter hailing from Louisville, has so far flown under the radar. But if Duncan continues to churn out butter-smooth soul-pop gems like “Lone Ranger,” his reputation is sure to grow. The first single off his second record, Soft Times, “Lone Ranger” is a magical carpet ride through 70s jazz-rock, pop, funk [...]

Play Me: “Jubilee Street” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

With “Jubilee Street,” we’re now two tracks into the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record and it’s becoming even more clear that Push the Sky Away will be a clean break from the nasty and rowdy Nick Cave of Grinderman. Like first single, “We No Who U R,” “Jubilee Street,” is a calm [...]

The Rockometer: Fade by Yo La Tengo

                Yo La Tengo Fade Matador Records Much to the dismay of forward-thinking, music technologists, the album has not completely disappeared, yet. Nary a week goes by without influential blogger Bob Lefsetz unleashing another screed against the album.  People don’t want albums, he’ll claim. The future is in [...]

Three Fer Thursday: New Jams by Iceage, Merchandise, and the History of Apple Pie

Like a turbo-charged, military-grade Hummer tuned for the drag strip, “Coalition,” the new single by Danish punks, Iceage, somehow manages to be burly, intimidating and fleet all at once.  It’s body, fortified by thick, hanging guitars, seems more apt for the disinterested or those who’d rather feign disinterest while sheathing a crowd in scorching noise.  [...]