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Shout Out Louds

Shout Out Louds, shouldn’t need an introduction. This 5-piece band out of Sweden has been releasing solid music since 2003. We reviewed them back in ‘07, and I am happy to update this site with their fourth full length album Optica, which was rele…

Play Me: “Cruising with God” by Milk Music

Substitute the word “God” with “Rock ‘N’ Roll” and you’ll understand where Milk Music are coming from on their new track, “Cruising with God.” This Olympia four-piece is the type of band, who no matter whom they’re saluting, be it Guns ‘N’ Roses, as on their punny album title, Cruise Your Illusion (out 4/2 on [...]

Play Me: “Native Dreams” by Rose Windows

Some forty years past the movement’s hey day, psychedelic rock can still thrill. Witness “Native Dreams,” the new track by the recent Sub Pop signing, Rose Windows, for example. By the time the band’s debut finishes its rounds on the internet, vocalist, Rabia Shaheen Qazi will assuredly tire of the Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane [...]

Play Me: “Evil Things” by The Black Angels

There’s the back to basics single, and then there’s the Black Angels’ “Evil Things,” the second track released from their forthcoming album, Indigo Meadow (4/2). Tone-wise, the low-end, head-crush of the opening guitar riff sends one immediately back to 2006′s “Black Grease,” one of the Austin-based, psychedelic rock band’s earliest singles. While the guitar melody [...]


Maston (Frank Maston) is a California-based multi-instrumentalist. He recently released his first proper album, Shadows on Trouble In Mind. Maston played all instruments on the album (except for the harp, played by Ana Caravelle).
I have been listenin…