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Play Me: “I Saw Her Face” by The Men

When The Men are in country mode, as they are on “I Saw Her Face,” they sound like the band I always wish Wilco would be again. Wilco has the right guitarist in Nels Cline, for buzzed out blues, but they don’t do rowdy as much as they did in their younger days. The Men, [...]


I think it’s pretty obvious from a lot of my posts, that I have a fondness for anything punk rock. Cocktails are no exception. This San Francisco quartet’s just released, self-titled EP with Father Daughter Records, pulls at all my strings…

Play Me: “Mercury Retrograde” by Purling Hiss

While there will be those who will be surprised Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss and Birds of Maya) chose to go with clean production on his Drag City debut, there will be others, those who’ve witnessed Purling Hiss live over the past couple years, who are well aware that this evolution from bedroom shredder to the [...]

The Rockometer: You’re Nothing by Iceage

                Iceage You’re Nothing Matador Records On my way to writing a review ripe with praise for the young, Danish punk band, Iceage, and their second album, You’re Nothing, I came across Everett True’s alternative review on Collapse Board. True’s been doing the criticism gig since the early [...]