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Play Me: “It’s Alright, It’s OK” by Primal Scream

If it’s possible to declare a band is back on the basis of two, hand-picked preview tracks, then Primal Scream has done it. The veteran Scottish band has been in the musical wilderness since the release of 2002′s Evil Heat. Both 2006′s Riot City Blues and 2008′s Beautiful Future were misses in the Scream’s hit [...]

Play Me: “Never Run Away” by Kurt Vile

Damn you, Kurt Vile. How am I supposed to write anything critical or snarky about your new single with your young daughter adorably prancing around the screen. You win. You get the free pass. All I can say is, “How cute!” And, Walkin’ on a Pretty Daze, the new album by Kurt Vile is out [...]

Dinousaur Jr. – Entertainment (Phoenix Cover)

Your older brother’s favorite fuzz-rockers, Dinosaur Jr., have offered their take on Phoenix‘s new single, “Entertainment.” It seems they’ve fed the original a couple of Ambien; the song goes from arena anthem to a drunken bar room waltz, a song to stumble to as the bar man yells out last call. Stream it below. “Entertainment” [...]

The Rockometer: Water on Mars by Purling Hiss

                Purling Hiss Water on Mars Drag City The name Mike Polizze doesn’t carry the same cachet in the underground as such guitar luminaries as J Mascis and Thurston Moore. To date, he’s been a frequent collaborator with his Kensignton neighborhood friend, Kurt Vile, the lead shredder for [...]

The Rockometer: Void by Destruction Unit

                Destruction Unit Void Jolly Dream Upon hearing the first track from Destruction Unit’s Void LP, I wrote this: “(Destruction Unit) sound like they break things. That’s what they fuckin’ sound like. Electronics slamming against the sidewalk, baseball bats breaking glass, knee caps, brains, your mom’s fancy china, [...]