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The Rockometer: Sun by Cat Power

Cat Power Sun Matador Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmm…That Chan Marshall of Cat Power has the sexiest voice — smoky, seductive, wavering with emotion.  I bet it would be even better auto-tuned.”  Or, has this one crossed your mind? “Sure Marshall can sing, but can she rap?”  You can find those answers, as [...]

The Rockometer: Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat by Slug Guts

Slug Guts Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeat Sacred Bones Not for sporting events, hipster dinner parties, or finely choreographed marriage proposals, Slug Guts’ Playin’ in Time with the Deadbeats is a dirty and dastardly, rather unnerving exploration of the seamier side of town with snare drums like sheet metal, guitars like shards of broken [...]

The Liminanas

The psychedelic/pop revival continues on with The Limiñanas. This French pop duo, consisting of Marie Limiñana on drums, and Lio Limiñana playing pretty much everything else, including vocal duties (other vocals provided by guests), have their genr…

Moving Pictures: “Sunshine” by Summerays

Guitarist Luke Teeters gives the Cleveland-based pop trio, Summerays, a distinct advantage over the countless number of other young bands trying to court the attention of the ever elusive, new listener. The man plays with a vintage, surf guitar tone rich beyond his years, brighter and shinier than anything from our dirty old town ought [...]

Divine Fits

Divine Fits is a new side project/new band/supergroup made up of Britt Daniel from Spoon, Dan Boeckner from Handsome Furs and Wolf Parade, and Sam Brown from New Bomb Turks. They are releasing their debut album, A Thing Called Divine Fits on August 2…